The 805D and 806D die layouts, partially obscured, are shown with a backdrop of the universe. The title says 70 and 90 GHz SPDT Switches
March 27, 2024
New Products: We Do Switches Too

While our focus remains on disruptive MMICs with high power, linearity, and efficiency, we couldn't resist applying our design talents to mmWave switches. Virtually every mmWave front-end needs a switch.

With switches, the lower the loss and the higher the isolation, the better. Targeting these goals, mmTron has developed two impressive single pole double throw (SPDT) switches fabricated with a GaAs pHEMT process:

— The TMC805D covers DC to 70 GHz with 4.5 dB loss and 25 dB isolation at 70 GHz.

— The TMC806D covers DC to 90 GHz with 6 dB loss and 25 dB isolation at 90 GHz.

Switching is controlled with a +5 V voltage.

Both switches are available as die, 0.68 mm x 0.73 mm x 50 µm. Bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based to support standard ribbon and wedge bonding and die attach processes.

Download the datsheets for the TMC805 and TMC806 and contact us with any questions: