High Power, High Linearity,
High Efficiency ICs for Extended Range mmWave Fixed Wireless Access, Satcom, Aerospace & Defense, and Instrumentation

We supply ICs with disruptive performance
to unleash the mmWave frontier

mmTron was formed in 2020 to enable a new generation of mmWave systems. We aim to increase the linearity, efficiency, and output power of very high frequency ICs. Our products extend the reach of Satcom, 5G, instrumentation, and aerospace and defense systems.

Our Products

To achieve disruptive performance, our IC designs tap the leading mmWave semiconductor technologies: GaAs, GaN, InP, SiGe, and RFSOI.


Our Partners

For the best performance and reliability, mmTron selects the entire supply chain for our products: IC foundry, packaging, production testing, and product qualification.