Our Capabilities

Developing Disruptive MMICs for mmWave

Optimizing Performance at Every Step

mmTron’s products begin with selecting the semiconductor technology needed to achieve disruptive performance. Our portfolio includes GaAs, GaN, InP, and SiGe from the leading foundries. We don’t just use the foundry’s standard process, however. We often specify our own epitaxial material to optimize performance. We also ensure the foundry processes meet the reliability and qualification requirements for the application, including space qualification.

Once we have selected the semiconductor technology, we craft device models and simulate the circuit performance to ensure the fabricated IC will mirror the modeled performance. mmTron’s designers have expertise in advanced nonlinear device modeling, electromagnetic simulation, stability analysis, thermal and mechanical analysis, and optimizing the interface from the MMIC to the package or external circuitry. These capabilities are essential to achieve disruptive performance at mmWave.

During wafer fabrication, the foundry tests device and circuit performance on-wafer in addition to standard monitoring of process parameters. Once at mmTron, the MMIC designs are fully characterized to verify the performance mirrors the simulation. Once a design is released for production, all devices are tested and visually inspected.

mmTron’s Simulation Tools

— Keysight ADS, Cadence® Virtuoso®, Keysight GoldenGate, and AWR Microwave Office® circuit simulators
— ANSYS HFSS, Keysight EMPro and Momentum, CST Studio Suite®, and Sonnet® EM field simulators
— Keysight Spectrasys and AWR® VSS system simulators
— Keysight IC-CAP device modeling
— Silvaco device epi design

Core Competencies and Experience

mmTron’s core competencies lie in the development of mmWave MMICs and transceivers covering bands from DC to sub-THz, as well as the complementary technologies of broadband passive components, and surface-mount packaging.

mmTron’s portfolio of design IP includes
— X-, Ku-, K-, Ka-, Q-, V-, E-, and W-Band Linear Power Amplifiers
— Low Noise Amplifiers
— Frequency Up- and Down-Converters
— Image-Reject and Balanced, Fundamental and Sub-Harmonic Mixers
— Low Phase Noise VCOs
— MMIC Switches
— mmWave Front-End Module ICs

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