Our Story


Seyed Tabatabaei and Mona Molaasgari cofounded mmTron in 2020. Seyed serves as chairman of the board and chief executive officer (CEO), Mona as president and chief operating officer (COO).

Seyed Tabatabaei

For Seyed, mmTron is the next step in a career developing mmWave technology and products. Starting mmTron enables him to use his considerable design skills to develop MMICs that push the capabilities of output power, efficiency, linearity, and bandwidth at mmWave frequencies. Achieving this level of performance at such high frequencies is extremely challenging, given the precision required at such short wavelengths, truly requiring state-of-the-art design to yield disruptive products.

This is not a new challenge, as Seyed has spent much of his career pushing technical boundaries. Before mmTron, he founded Teramics, a company offering design service also focused on mmWave. His goal for Teramics was taking the most challenging designs and delivering first-pass success.

Before Teramics, he served as VP of semiconductor products at Endwave, one of the mmWave pioneers developing semiconductors, modules, and subsystems to enable new mmWave markets.

Seyed’s product development, quality, and management skills were broadened through earlier roles at Hewlett Packard, M/A-COM, and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences. His technical foundation came from a Ph.D. earned at the University of Maryland.

Mona Molaasgari

As president and COO, Mona oversees the company’s operations, quality, and human resources. She manages mmTron’s supply chain, including the timeliness and quality of suppliers, and is responsible for transferring products from development into production.

As many of mmTron’s products are packaged, a key part of her role is qualifying and monitoring packaging suppliers. At mmWave frequencies, any dimensional variations outside the specified tolerance will degrade performance.

At Teramics, Mona had the same operations role.

Mona’s experience extends beyond mmWave. She has held senior roles as an operations manager at Johnson & Johnson MedTech and operations specialist at Intersect ENT, now part of Medtronic.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Our Team

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