The image summarizes the key performance parameters of the TMC215 and includes a plot of the measure P1dB, and associated PAE and gain.
March 7, 2024
The Latest Disruptive PA in Our Satcom Portfolio

We’re pleased to announce the latest disruptive power amplifier (PA) in our satellite communications portfolio:

Designed for the Ka-Band satellite uplink band, the TMC215 PA provides 45 W output power at P1dB with 24% power-added efficiency (PAE) across 27 to 31 GHz. The three-stage GaN MMIC delivers >20 W of linear power with 19 dBc noise power ratio (NPR). The design has 23 dB small-signal gain and is well-matched to 50 Ω.

With a wide operating bandwidth, from 26 to 32 GHz, the TMC215 is also useful for fixed wireless access links, 5G infrastructure, and test instrumentation.

The recommended drain bias is 28 V and 3 A current, although the bias can be reduced to 18 V while maintaining 25 W output power with good PAE and linearity.

The TMC215 is available as die (5 mm x 4 mm x 0.1 mm) for integration in a multi-chip module, with on-chip DC blocking capacitors at input and output and built-in ESD protection.

The bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based, ensuring compatibility with standard wire bonding and die attach methods.

An assembled evaluation module is available to help potential customers evaluate the PA.

Review the performance specs here.