PA and Driver for FWA, 5G Infrastructure, and Satcom

To extend the reach of high data rate radios operating in the frequency bands between 24 and 30 GHz, mmTron has developed a linear power amplifier (PA) and companion driver, both fabricated with a high linearity, high reliability GaN process.

TMC254 24–30 GHz PA

Small-signal performance of the TMC254D measured on-wafer.

The TMC254 PA delivers 39 dBm saturated output power with 29.5% power-added efficiency (PAE). P1dB is 38 dBm and OIP3 is 44 dBm. Linear gain is 24 dB.

The 24 to 30 GHz bandwidth of the PA supports high data rate applications like fixed wireless access (FWA), 5G infrastructure, Satcom, and supporting test and measurement systems. The linearity of the PA enables system designers to extend the reach and/or the data rates of their radio links.

The TMC254 is typically biased with 28 V on the drain and –3.8 V on the gate, drawing 588 mA quiescent current.

The PA is available as a die (TMC254D) or packaged in a 5 mm x 5 mm air-cavity QFN (TMC254). The die size is 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm, and the IC’s thickness is 0.1 mm. Bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based to ensure compatibility with wire bonding and high conductivity epoxy or eutectic die attach.

Download the TMC254 data sheet here.

TMC248 22–30 GHz Driver

Small-signal performance of the TMC248D measured on-wafer.

The companion TMC248 driver amplifier covers 22 to 30 GHz and provides 20 dB small-signal gain, 27 dBm saturated output power, 26 dBm output at P1dB, and 30 dBm OIP3.

The output power of the TMC248 is more than sufficient to drive the TMC254 to its saturated output without degrading the linearity of the signal chain. The driver can also be used as the PA in lower power systems.

Like the PA, the driver is typically biased at 23 V on the drain and draws 60 mA quiescent current at –4.5 V gate bias.

Available as die (TMC248D), the size of the IC is 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm, and the IC’s thickness is 0.1 mm. Bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based.

Download the TMC248 data sheet here.