A background photo of a drone circling over a mountainous terrain. A photo of the TMC170D IC overlays the background, with the text 20–80 GHz Active Mixer.
April 12, 2024
New Product: Ultra-Broadband Mixer IC Covers 20 to 80 GHz

We’re pleased to announce our latest disruptive product: an active mixer providing frequency conversion from 20 to 80 GHz. In addition to its bandwidth, the TMC170D stands out with 0 dB average conversion loss across the band and an LO drive of only 0 dBm.

The InP semiconductor-based design achieves RF and LO coverage from 20 to 80 GHz and an IF from kHz to 70 GHz, the low IF frequency limited only by the size of an external blocking capacitor. The mixer has an integrated LO amplifier that eliminates the need for an external LO buffer amplifier and requires only 0 dBm drive.

Plot of conversion gain/loss vs. LO drive
The TMC170's low conversion loss is achieved with very low LO drive.

The triple-balanced architecture (LO, RF, and IF) ensures outstanding harmonic performance. RF-to-IF isolation is greater than 80 dBc. All ports are matched to 50 Ω, with VSWR better than 1.5:1.

The active mixer requires three bias voltages: +5 V, drawing 90 mA; +7 V, drawing 90 mA; and –3 V, drawing 55 mA.


The broadband coverage of the TMC170D makes it well-suited for electronic warfare (EW) and mmWave instrumentation systems.

The increasing use of the mmWave spectrum for communications and other applications means signals intelligence (SIGINT) receivers must cover the extended spectrum, quickly scanning to detect and classify signals. With the wide bandwidth RF, LO, and IF, the TMC170D offers flexible frequency planning and simplified receiver designs for software-defined radios used in drones and portable SIGINT systems.

Instrumentation systems such as vector network analyzers (VNA) must extend their capabilities to provide precision measurements in the higher mmWave bands. The TMC170D can be used in frequency extenders, as well as enabling wide bandwidth front-ends integrated directly into VNAs and spectrum analyzers.


The TMC170D is available in die form, 1.6 mm (input to output) x 1.09 mm (width) x 75 µm (thickness). Bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based to be compatible with standard wire bonding and high conductivity epoxy die attach processes.

Download the TMC170D datasheet here. To obtain more information and order evaluation quantities, email mmTron at contact@mmTron.com.