August 10, 2022
mmTron Announces DC–160 GHz, Low Phase Noise Distributed Amplifier
August 10, 2022

New TMC774 mmWave Amplifier Enables 6G, Satellite, Defense, and Instrumentation Applications to Deliver Industry-Leading High Performance.

mmTron, a leading innovator and provider of high linearity mmWave semiconductor solutions, today announced the TMC774, a new groundbreaking wide band mmWave amplifier for 6G, Satellite, Aerospace, Defense, and Instrumentation applications.

mmTron’s TMC774 6G broadband amplifier, which is in fabrication now, operates at frequencies from DC to 160 GHz (D Band) and offers superior wide band linear power output, phase noise, and gain in an industry-leading small footprint. The TMC774 features industry-leading performance optimized for wide bandwidth multi-carrier high data throughput applications such as the emerging 6G cellular standard. This new mmWave amplifier will enable designers to offer much higher system performance at lower power as compared to competing multi-band solutions.

Seyed Tabatabaei, CEO, Founder, and President of mmTron, said, “mmTron is a pioneer in developing innovative high-performance millimeter wave solutions for 5G, 6G, satellite communication, defense, and instrumentation systems. The TMC774 is truly a breakthrough device for both commercial and defense applications. With its impressive 150GHz bandwidth, cutting-edge phase noise, and highly linear performance, the TMC774 will enable many new next-generation communication systems to offer significantly higher levels of performance than they could in the past.”

The TMC774 is available for pre-order now (under NDA) and is lead-free, and RoHS compliant. Measured data is expected by mid-January 2023, and samples by early February 2023.

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