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April 17, 2024
Enabling >100 GHz Markets with Our Family of InP Distributed Amplifiers

The adoption of mmWave frequencies by 5G has provided significant investment in semiconductor technologies for fixed and mobile applications, adding to the earlier adoption by automotive radar and point-to-point radio.

This improvement in both IC performance and manufacturing maturity provides the starting point for a new generation of R&D exploring applications above 100 GHz, a new frontier offering many possibilities. While much of the research is sponsored under the umbrella of “6G,” the applications are many and varied: high-resolution imaging, industrial sensors, photonics-based phased array radar, inter-satellite links, holographic communications, virtual reality, medical sensing. They span consumer, industrial, medical, satellite, and military systems.

To aid this research, mmTron has developed a family of three InP distributed amplifiers covering DC to 120, 160, and 180 GHz, the TMC773D, TMC774D, and TMC775D, respectively. They offer high gain and output power with low noise figure. mmTron’s InP amplifiers are well-suited for use in test and measurement systems and application test beds.

Plot of the gain of the TMC774 amplifier from 105 to 160 GHz.
Measured gain of the TMC774 distributed amplifier from 105 to 160 GHz.

The InP distributed amplifier family extends the frequency coverage of our portfolio of GaAs distributed amplifiers, which provide disruptive performance from DC to 85 GHz.

You’ll find the datasheets for mmTron’s distributed amplifiers on our Products page. Reach out with any questions and to request devices for evaluation at