mmTron Develops mmwave Packages To 60 GHz

mmTron Inc, a leading provider of mmwave high linearity MMICs and integrated transceiver modules, has developed a surface-mount package for high power mmwave products. With a similar footprint to the widely used QFN, mmTron mmwave package simplifies and lowers the cost of mmwave assemblies. mmTron mmwave packages allow for standard solder attachment to PCB, eliminating the cost and complexity of wire bonding.

mmTron is experienced in custom MMIC and integrated transceiver modules

in the millimeter wave frequency range, e.g. 5G FR2, Ka, Q, V, E and W bands. mmTron has filed patents covering its core technologies including semiconductor and proprietary circuit designs. Corporate headquarter is in Bay Area, CA. For more information on the mmwave packages, along with mmTron’ complete portfolio of products, IP and design services for mmwave visit

ABOUT mmTron:
mmTron is a leading high-performance mmwave technology company dedicated to solving the most challenging engineering problems. mmTron offers high linearity mmwave semiconductor products for mmwave 5G and SATCOM market, Ku, K, Ka, Q, V, E and W bands, 400 and 600 Gbps Data Centers, mmwave Telecommunication and Industrial and Defense applications. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA, mmTron is certified to the ISO9001 international quality standard and ISO14001 environmental management standard.


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