What’s New?

  • The new MMICs from mmTron represent the highest power levels in mmwave. mmTron has created several MMICs for use in Ku, K, Ka, Q and V band mmwave power amplifiers. The Ka band GaN MMIC provides 50W of saturated power. The Q band GaN MMIC provides 20W of saturated power, and the V band MMIC has a 10W saturated output power.
  • To meet the stringent requirements of 5G FR2 front-ends (FEM), mmTron has taped out ultra-low noise MMICs, high linearity mixers, and beam steering front-ends.
  • mmTron has completed the design of a single 9W GaN Custom MMIC for Q-band (37-40.5 GHz).
  • Utilizing SiGe, InP and GaAs technologies, mmTron has designed a quad 64 Gbaud Modulator driver housed in a custom air-cavity surface mount package. The compact design of the quad modulator driver has the lowest footprint in the market.
  • mmTron has successfully launched Ka-band high power GaN SSPA with patented graceful degradation for mission critical applications.
  • Using mmwave GaN technology, mmTron has designed a family of space-qualified ultra-high efficiency linear power amplifiers, mixers, and driver amplifiers in Ku and K bands.
  • For high bit rate communication links (4096 QAM) in point-to-point mmwave applications, mmTron designs linear power amplifier and upconverters.
  • For phased-array applications, mmTron has developed compact beam steering ICs with integrated 6-bit phase shifter and attenuator for commercial applications.
  • mmTron has completed the design of a quad Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) with outstanding noise floor in InP and a 96 Gbuad modulator driver.
  • Using Dupont’s LTCC process®, mmTron has designed a mmwave transmitter array for beam steering in mmwave. The LTCC houses mmwave InP LNA, GaAs Mixers and GaN Power Amplifiers.

Distributed Linear Amplifier

mmTron Inc, a leading provider of mmwave MMICs and integrated transceiver modules, has developed TMC201, a distributed linear amplifier (PA) for commercial, industrial, space and military applications from 2 to 20 GHz.

Based on mmTron linear GaAs technology, the monolithic-microwave integrated-circuit (MMIC) distributed amplifier has 18dB of gain, delivers +26 dBm typical output power.