3–18 GHz
Product Features
  • Converts balanced signal to unbalanced and vice-versa
  • Balanced ports AC coupled
  • Low insertion loss
  • Tight amplitude and phase matching
  • 1.25 mm x 2.17 mm symmetrical die layout
  • RF systems with balanced and unbalanced signals
  • High-speed digital systems requiring balanced to unbalanced transformers
Product Description
The TMC810-1 is a low loss, 50 Ω balun covering 3 to 18 GHz. Fabricated with a high power, high Q GaAs process, the balun has low loss, tight gain and phase matching, and high power handling. The balanced ports are AC coupled, eliminating the need for external blocking capacitors. The balun is available either in die form, for assembly in multi-chip modules, or assembled in an air-cavity QFN package for surface-mount assembly.
Min Typ Max Units
Frequency Range 3 18 GHz
Excess Insertion Loss 2 dB
Amplitude Balance 0.4 dB
Phase Match 1 degree
Common Mode Rejection 35 dB
Return Loss 10 dB
Preliminary Information: The data contained in this document describes new products in the sampling or preproduction phase of development and is for information only. mmTron reserves the right to change without notice the characteristic data and other specifications as they apply to this product.