27–31 GHz
Linear Power Amplifier
Product Features
  • Frequency Range: 27 to 31 GHz
  • P1dB Output Power: 45 W
  • PAE at P1dB: 24%
  • >20 W output with 19 dBc NPR
  • Small-Signal Gain: 23 dB
  • GaN HEMT Process
  • Satcom Uplink
  • 5G Infrastructure
  • Instrumentation
Product Description

The TMC215 is a linear power amplifier covering the 27 to 31 GHz band, providing 45 W output power at P1dB with 24% power-added efficiency (PAE) and 23 dB small-signal gain. At an NPR of 19 dBc, the output power is >20 W. The MMIC is matched to 50 Ω at input and output. For maximum power, the recommended drain bias is 28 V and 3 A current. The bias can be reduced to 18 V while maintaining 25 W output power with good PAE and linearity.

The TMC215 is available as die measuring 5 mm x 4 mm x 0.1 mm for integration in a multi-chip module. The three-stage amplifier has on-chip DC blocking capacitors at input and output and built-in ESD protection. The bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based, ensuring compatibility with standard wire bonding and die attach methods.

Min Typ Max Units
Frequency Range 27 31 GHz
Pout @ 1 dB Compression 46.5 dBm
PAE @ 1 dB Compression 24 %
Small-Signal Gain 23 dB
Return Loss 15 dB
Bias Voltage 28 V
Bias Current 3 A
Preliminary Information: The data contained in this document describes new products in the sampling or preproduction phase of development and is for information only. mmTron reserves the right to change without notice the characteristic data and other specifications as they apply to this product.