17.3–21.2 GHz
Low Noise Amplifier
Product Features
  • 17.3 to 21.2 GHz Frequency Range
  • 1.2 dB Noise Figure
  • 51 mW Power Dissipation
  • 23 dB gain
  • Space Qualified GaAs pHEMT Process
  • Die or Packaged
  • Single Bias Voltage
  • Engineering Release
  • K-Band Satellite Downlink Receiver
Product Description

The TMC173 was developed to be the low noise amplifier (LNA) in a satellite downlink receiver operating between 17.3 and 21.2 GHz. It was designed to have both very low noise figure (1.2 dB) and super low power dissipation (51 mW), with 23 dB small-signal gain. The MMIC is biased from a single 3 V supply. The LNA is fabricated with a space-qualified pHEMT process. It will be available as a die or packaged in a 3 mm x 3 mm air-cavity QFN.

This product is in Engineering Release. Samples are not yet available for evaluation.

Min Typ Max Units
Frequency 17.3 21.2 GHz
Noise Figure 1.2 dB
Gain 23 dB
P1dB 2 dBm
Psat 3 dBm
OIP3 12 dBm
Bias Voltage 3 V
Bias Current 17 mA
Preliminary Information: The data contained in this document describes new products in the sampling or preproduction phase of development and is for information only. mmTron reserves the right to change without notice the characteristic data and other specifications as they apply to this product.