DC-55 GHz Distributed
Low Noise Amplifier
Product Features
  • RF frequency: DC to 55 GHz
  • Linear Gain: 9 dB
  • Noise Figure: 3.5 dB
  • Die Size: X=1.65 mm, Y=1 mm, Z=0.05mm
  • DC Power: 5 VDC, 75 mA
  • Point-to-Point Radios and VSATs
  • Test instrumentation
  • Fiber Optics
  • Military, EW, and Space
Product Description
Min Typ Max Units
Frequency DC 55 GHz
Gain 9 dB
P1dB 12 dBm
Psat 13 dBm
Noise Figure 3.5 dB
OIP3 20 dbm
Bias Voltage 5 V
Bias Current 75 mA
Preliminary Information: The data contained in this document describes new products in the sampling or preproduction phase of development and is for information only. mmTron reserves the right to change without notice the characteristic data and other specifications as they apply to this product.