Power Amplifier

Power Amplifiers

GaN, GaAs, SiGe and InP mmwave Power Amplifier MMICs

State-of-the-art Linearity (IM3) and Power Added Efficiency (PAE)

mmTron custom Power Amplifiers MMICs provide extremely high power in mmwave frequency bands with high linearity and efficiency. mmTron mmwave power amplifiers are designed for high reliability, are available in die format or surface mount (SMT) MMIC packages. mmTron custom MMIC Power Amplifiers follow space design guidelines and can be Space Qualified.


Power Amplifier MMICs offer the highest power, efficiency and linearity in mmWave. mmTron’s Power Amplifiers have broadband performance, high efficiency, excellent linearity and outstanding reliability which makes them ideal for Space, instrumentation and critical applications. mmTron custom power amplifier MMICs are used in Millimeter-wave Phased Array Antennas, SATCOM, Radar, and 5G Communications.

RF Frequencies

  • Ku-band Power Amplifiers (10.9 GHz to 12.8 GHz)

Millimeter-wave Frequencies

  • K-band Power Amplifiers (17.3 GHz to 20.2 GHz)
  • Ka-band Power Amplifiers (27 GHz to 31 GHz)
  • Q-band Power Amplifiers (37 GHz to 44 GHz and 43 GHz to 46 GHz)
  • V-band Power Amplifiers (47 GHz to 53 GHz)
  • E-band Power Amplifiers (71 GHz to 86 GHz)
  • W-band Power Amplifiers (80 GHz to 110 GHz)
  • D-band Power Amplifiers (110-170 GHz)


  • Wireless Point-to-point (P2P) and Point-to-multipoint (P2M) Radio
  • Transceiver Modules for Wireless Communications, Military and Aerospace Radar
  • Electronic Warfare (EW), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic intelligence (ELINT)
  • Satellite Communications (SATCOM)
  • Instrumentation
  • Phase Array Systems (5G, AESA)

Key Features

  • GaAs, InP, SiGe and GaN Technologies
  • High Efficiency Amplifiers
  • High Linearity Amplifiers
  • Ultra High RF Power Density Amplifiers
  • 50 Ohm Matched Designs
  • Built-in ESD

Packaging Options

  • Die
  • Pb-free
  • RoHS Compliant SMT Packages
  • MSL Rating: MSL1
  • ESD Rating: Class 1A
  • Additional passivation and protection options available

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