Cutting-Edge products for mmwave Frequency Band

We Believe in Reliability and Innovation

mmTron is the world’s leading provider of innovative mmwave linear power efficient broadband products.

Our focus is on high-growth segments of mmwave markets: 5G/SATCOM, 6G, instrumentation, defense, satellite and aerospace communications. We collaborate with our customers to deliver superior products, outstanding technical support and uncompromising customer service.

Leading the Industry for mmwave products

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Our Promise

mmTron has a global network of partners to manage the entire supply chain from working with foundries in GaAs, GaN, SiGe, InP and RFSOI technologies to mmwave surface-mount packaging, volume production testing, and commercial and space qualification.

Dependability in Delivery

mmTron manages the complete supply chain process including foundry relationship, modeling, design,
wafer testing, dicing/sorting, mmwave surface-mount packaging, back-modeling and testing.

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